What is the effect of enoxaparin sodium injection?



How long does enoxaparin sodium protect foetus

  How long does enoxaparin sodium protect foetus play, should decide according to pregnant woman body condition. It is generally suitable for hypercoagulants with dimer level higher than normal. At the beginning of treatment, d-dimers, APTT, and platelets should be re-examined every 3-4 weeks. If no significant changes are found after two reexaminations, reexaminations should be conducted every 4-6 weeks thereafter. D- dimer decreased to normal or APTT lengthened 1.5 times. Clotting and fibrinolysis markers are checked again 4-6 weeks after discontinuation, and can be reapplied if there is any abnormality to maintain the pregnancy.


What effect does sulfate chondroitin sodium tablet have

  When we use drugs to treat the disease, the most attention is still how the effect, how long can be treated a class of problems, but the premise we need to be the right medicine, so, chondroitin sulfate sodium tablets have what effect?


Is the effect that enoxaparin sodium protects foetus good

  Enoxaparin sodium is a low molecular weight heparin anticoagulant used for the prevention and treatment of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. Enoxaparin sodium is clinically used for the prevention of venous thromboembolism, especially in orthopedic or general surgery related thrombosis. Enoxaparin sodium can be used for the treatment of deep vein embolism with or without pulmonary embolism.


How about enoxaparin sodium injection

  Enoxaparin sodium is commonly known as low-molecular-weight heparin sodium, which, like low-molecular-weight heparin calcium, has anticoagulant effects. It is mainly used for the prevention of thrombosis and the treatment of thromboembolic diseases, especially for patients who may be bedridden for a long time after surgery.

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