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Qingdao Jiulong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in Nov, 1998. The registered capital is 100 million RMB. Company has 3 subsidiaries ,such as Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Qingdao Pharmax Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Guanlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Company already set up a complete industrial chain which products are extracted from basic materials, such as human urine, porcine intestinal mucosa and marine organism organ, to be proceeded into purified API, finally to be preparations.

Qingdao Jiulong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Jiulong Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in Nov, 1998. QJBC is a national high-tech enterprise of scientific research, produce and sale of bio-pharmaceuticals API causing heparin sodium, chondroitin sulfate, enoxaparin, dalterparin, heparan sulfate, dermatan sulfate.
The company has purchased Shandong Yishui Fuhuang Pharmaceutical Factory, Qingdao Pharmax Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Suzhou Xinbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and invest 100 million RMB to establish formulation plant in Qingdao Hi-tech Park.
As the key support of listed companies in Qingdao, in August of 2008 QJBC’s heparin sodium API workshop was approved by FDA and in Mar. Of 2015, QJBC's heparin workshop 1 and 2 both passed FDA inspection with zero 483 as the first heparin sodium manufacturer who has 2 workshops passing FDA in China.
The processes of QJBC's Heparin Sodium and Chondroitin Sulfateare are identified as international advanced level by Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau experts. Now QJBC have won the second prize for “ Qingdao Science and technology and National Torch Plan project”. It also got more than 8 million RMB special supporting policies from High-tech Industrialization Project” and “Technology SME Innovation Fund”. Since 2011, the quantity and quality exporting to USA rank the first, and the export quantity of Heparin Sodium API ranks in the top three in domestic industry. At present QJBC is authorized with 30 patents for invention and another 115 patents are under acceptance status.

Qingdao Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Qingdao Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. was founded in August 18 of 2001. The main products are HCG, HMG, UK, FSH, UTI, Chymotrypsin, Trypsin and Hyaluronidase, protamine sulfate and other raw materials’ research, production and sales.
Kangyuan is a national high-tech enterprise, Qingdao key enterprise to be listed and it is also the honorary chairman of Qingdao Jiaozhou Bio-pharmaceutical association and the vice- chairman of Shanghai Bio-pharmaceutical association. Kangyuan is the first and the only enterprise in China who passed the FDA inspection, recognized as the only and most complete and the largest Bio-pharmaceutical enterprise from Urine to API in the world. Passed the Chinese new drug GMP certificate in 2015.
HCG API had passed the FDA inspection in Jan 2013 , and this makes us to be the first company who passed the FDA inspection in China; We had successfully passed the FDA recertification in April 2016.
The technology of HCG, HMG and other products is leading to the international advanced level and be added in the “National Torch Plan project” by Chinese government. Kangyuan won the Ministry of science and technology development of private scientific and technological contribution award, scientific and technological progress second prize of Qingdao. 100 patents applications of company have been accepted by State Intellectual Property Office, 18 of them have been authorized.

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