What does enoxaparin sodium do? Nine Dragons Medicine

  Enoxaparin sodium is a low-molecular-weight heparin that is chemically lysed after elimination of the parent heparin via phenyl ester -its mechanism of action is to catalyze the inactivation of coagulation factors IIa, Xa(anticoagulant factor), IXa, XIa, and XIIa by binding with antithrombin III(AT-III), among which, it mainly exerts anticoagulant effect by inhibiting Xa.

  Enoxaparin sodium is beneficial to embryo implantation in women after embryo transfer

  The role of enoxaparin sodium is not a few, and enoxaparin sodium is not a few indications, usually used for the prevention and treatment of blood diseases, but in the field of ivf is often seen in the drug.

What does enoxaparin sodium do? Nine Dragons Medicine

  The specific effects of enoxaparin sodium are as follows:

  1 Enoxaparin sodium is good at preventing venous thromboembolic diseases, especially for thromboembolism caused by surgical operation;

  2. It can treat acute deep vein thrombosis, and has obvious therapeutic effect for deep vein embolism with or without pulmonary embolism;

  3. After hemodialysis or hemofiltration, enoxaparin sodium injection can effectively prevent thrombosis, promote blood circulation, and prevent blood clotting;

  4. Habitual abortion can be treated because lupus antibody positive is attracted;

  5. When used with enteric-coated aspirin, it can treat unstable angina pectoris and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction;

  6. If used after ivf embryo transfer, it has a very favorable factor for embryo implantation, and is one of the fetal protection drugs commonly used by doctors.