Specification of Ulinastatin?

  Ulinastatin background and overview

  Ulinastatin is a glycoprotein with protease inhibitor effect, which was first isolated from human urine. Ulinastatin had a strong inhibitory effect on trypsin and had significant effects on -chymotrypsin, hyaluronidase and plasmin. At the same time, ulinastatin also has good efficacy in severe inflammatory reactions such as sepsis and severe pancreatitis, and is considered as a beneficial immunomodulator. The anti-inflammatory effect of ulinastatin is related to its inhibition of inflammatory response and lymphocyte apoptosis, and its protective effect on tissues, organs and endothelial cells may also be involved in the anti-inflammatory response of ulinastatin.

  The pharmacological action of ulinastatin

  This strain is a refined glycoprotein extracted from human urine and belongs to protease inhibitor. It can inhibit the activity of trypsin and other trypsin, and is often used in the treatment of pancreatitis. In addition, the product has the functions of stabilizing lysosomal membrane, inhibiting the release of lysosomal enzyme and inhibiting the production of myocardial inhibitory factors, so it can be used in the rescue treatment of acute circulatory failure.

  The pharmacokinetics of ulinastatin

  After intravenous administration of 300 thousand units /10ml in healthy normal men, the blood drug concentration plummets within 3 hours and the clearance half-life is 40 minutes. 24% of the dose administered was excreted in the urine six hours after administration.

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