Usage and dosage of heparin sodium

  1) unstable angina pectoris and non-st-segment elevation myocardial infarction: subcutaneous injection of 120 units /kg(maximum dose of 10,000 units), 2 times a day, lasting for 5-8 days or until the condition is stable, and aspirin at the same time; For patients with delayed interventional therapy, 5000 units (female weight <80kg, male <70kg) or 7500 units of subcutaneous injection were administered, 2 times a day.


The effect of heparin sodium sealed tube injection

  Heparin sodium seal the role of injection, mainly is to make the intravenous injection device to keep the pipeline unobtrusive, such as indwelling needle, a variety of catheter, used to prevent the formation of thrombosis.


What are the effect of heparin sodium

  Heparin sodium​ can interfere with many aspects of the hemagglutination process. The clinical indications of heparin sodium mainly include the following aspects:


You may not even know the correct use of heparin



Heparin injection is an anticoagulant. Do you know him


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