Heparin sodium uses

  Sodium Heparin is a viscous polysaccharide substance with strong anticoagulant effects. It is the most widely used anticoagulant in clinical practice. It has the effects of anticoagulation, anti-thrombosis, anti-inflammation, regulating blood lipids, reducing blood viscosity, and treating burns and scalds. Applied in skin care products, it has the function of increasing skin vascular permeability, improving local blood circulation, removing eye bags, removing black eye circles, anti-inflammation and delaying skin aging.

  Heparin sodium uses

  1. Heparin sodium is soluble in water and easy to add; Add in water phase, at the last stage of the formula, temperature below 40℃;

Heparin sodium uses

  2. The stability of heparin sodium is the best when the pH value is 7.0-7.5;

  3. Light and antioxidant VC had no significant effect on its stability;

  4. Oxidant and strong electrolyte have great influence on the stability of heparin sodium;

  5. Heparin sodium is anionic polysaccharide, incompatibility with cationic components, need to do compatibility test.

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