Heparin sodium application and notes?

  Heparin sodium application:

  Heparin sodium is used in eye and face products to promote local circulation. Eye care: Remove dark circles and puffy eyes while promoting absorption of other nutrients.

  Facial care: red blood, hormone - dependent dermatitis repair, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products.

Heparin sodium application and notes?

  Heparin sodium notes:

  1. Heparin sodium is soluble in water and easy to add; It is added in the aqueous phase, at the last stage of the formulation, at a temperature below 40℃;

  2. The stability of heparin sodium was the best when the pH value was 7.0-7.5;

  3. Light and antioxidant VC had no significant effect on its stability;

  4. Oxidant and strong electrolyte have great influence on the stability of heparin sodium;

  5. Heparin sodium is anionic polysaccharide, incompatible with cationic components, requiring compatibility test.