Heparin sodium properties?

  Heparin sodium is a mucopolysaccharide substance with strong anticoagulant effect and is the most widely used anticoagulant in clinical practice. It has the functions of anticoagulant, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory, regulating blood lipids, reducing blood viscosity and treating burns and scalds. Used in skin care products, it has the functions of increasing skin vascular permeability, improving local blood circulation, removing eye bags and dark circles, anti-inflammation and delaying skin aging.

  Heparin sodium properties:

  1. Anticoagulation promotes blood circulation: Heparin sodium has good anticoagulation and promoting blood circulation, promoting blood circulation of capillaries of skin and scalp, and has good antagonistic effect on dark circles, eye bags, skin dullness, frostbite and skin chapping; And can promote the absorption of active substances;

Heparin sodium properties?

  2. Repair and enhance skin vascular permeability: Heparin sodium can treat superficial skin phlebitis, inhibit local bleeding, repair capillaries, treat red blood filaments, varicose veins;

  3. Inhibiting inflammation: Heparin sodium has good anti-inflammatory activity, and has certain therapeutic effect on local edema, hematoma, eczema and ulcer. It has a positive therapeutic effect on hormone-dependent dermatitis and redness.

  4. Anti-aging, fade spots: Heparin sodium can inhibit the loss of mucopolysaccharides in the skin, promote metabolism, delay the aging of the body, and inhibit the pigmentation caused by the decline of metabolic function.