Does heparin sodium in daily life use way?

  It is often said that people should be prepared for an emergency. Many people have a supply of cold medicine, digestive medicine, and eye drops at home. This approach has many advantages. In addition to these common medications, we can also prepare some medications to prevent wounds and prevent infections, such as heparin sodium ointment. So, what does heparin sodium ointment do?

  As external medicine, heparin sodium ointment is widely used in various skin diseases. When the weather is dry in winter, people often have parched limbs. In severe cases, they can even crack and bleed. At this time, if we don't take measures in time, the skin may be infected. Heparin sodium ointment rub on the skin, will have a very good effect.

Does heparin sodium in daily life use way?

  It has anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, antiallergic effects, detumescence and stasis, anti-inflammatory and analgesic functions. The biological activity for improving microcirculation and local circulation can make part of the red and swollen induration disappear, and has the function of softening skin, moisturizing skin, promoting cell regeneration and accelerating wound healing.

  In addition, heparin sodium ointment is especially suitable for hand and foot chap, frostbite, peel off sex keratosis and other skin diseases, the effect is also very good. Because heparin sodium ointment itself does not contain hormones and antibiotics, absorption is good, stable and effective, many patients feel good after using.

  To sum up, we know something about heparin sodium ointment. In fact, what we should do more in life is to prevent disease and prevent skin infection. No matter what you do, be vigilant to prevent yourself from getting hurt. If you are bleeding, you should clean the trauma immediately to prevent infection.