Heparin sodium price difference why so big?

  As the company is engaged in heparin products, we always receive many phone calls about heparin sodium, and often meet customers in the counter. The price difference is too big to understand. There are several reasons for this misunderstanding. Here's why:

  First, different types of heparin sodium

  Heparin was first found in animal liver and has anticoagulant action. Later, it was found in many organs of mammals. At present, it is mainly extracted from the intestinal mucosa of pigs and the lungs of pigs, cattle and sheep. In addition, heparin is widely used in cosmetics, anticoagulant, antithrombotic drugs and so on. The price of heparin sodium is naturally different due to different processes, uses and costs.

  1. Common heparin: it is a mixture of glucosamine sulfides (GAGs), a mucopolysaccharide sulfate composed alternately of D-glucosamine, L-eduronic acid and D-glucuronic acid. It can be made from the lungs of cows or the mucous membranes of the intestines of cows, sheep or pigs. When made, the drug is usually given to patients with renal insufficiency or pregnant women.

Heparin sodium price difference why so big?

  2. Low molecular weight heparin: short chain preparations isolated from or degraded by heparin. Due to the differences in molecular size, anticoagulant activity, preparation method and manufacturer, the commonly used low-molecular-weight heparin in clinical practice include enoxaparin, dapalin and naximab.

  3. Heparin sodium is an anticoagulant and additive for vacuum blood collection, which can prevent rapid coagulation of blood in vitro after a certain period of blood collection. This type of heparin is usually not injectable, unlike heparin drugs, but has a relatively high potency.

  4. Cosmetic raw material heparin: can be added to nutrition cream, eye cream, acne products, hair growth agents and other cosmetics, has a variety of functions: increase the skin vascular permeability; Improve local vascular circulation; Promote the supply of skin nutrition and excretion of metabolic waste; Play a very good health care and maintenance role to the skin.

  Second, the origin of heparin sodium is different.

  This is mainly the difference between domestic heparin and imported heparin, especially for drugs, the price difference can be up to two times.

  Third, the source of heparin sodium is limited

  Although crude heparin can be extracted from many organs of pigs, cattle and sheep, it is mainly extracted from the small intestine of pigs, and only one kilogram can be extracted after 1,300 yuan. Therefore, pork prices, swine plague and other pig-related problems will directly affect the price of heparin sodium.

  To sum up, when we purchase heparin sodium again, do not feel particularly ridiculous because of the price difference of heparin sodium. First of all, you should ask specific situation, include type, place of origin, market situation to wait. Jiulong is a Heparins manufacturer. You may consult about relevant questions.