Founder motto:

“Once you are on the way of biological medicine,don’t be afraid of the long of road and the difficult on the way .” --Said Liu Naishan.

Founder profiles:

Liu Naishan, male, born in March 18, 1952, master of the Academy of Social Sciences Chinese, Qingdao labor model, now serves as honorary president of Jiaozhou City, Qingdao bio Pharmaceutical Association vice president, Shanghai bio Pharmaceutical Industry Association of Shandong Province Pharmaceutical Association vice president, soft bone sulfate branch Qingdao senior experts Association of pharmaceutical branch secretary other staff, after retiring in 2012 was hired as a visiting professor at the city of cadre education.

Main experience:

In 1971, served as the city catering services, food company clerk, municipal government office of Finance and trade, the ideological and political work of enterprise party secretary. 1986 Ren Yuan Ge Zhuang Town vice mayor, deputy party secretary, deputy director of City Planning Commission in 1990, 1998, deputy secretary of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, retired in 2012.

Main performance:

During the work of the Family Planning Commission, we presided over the exploration and study of the "311 working law" and "HCG" hi tech projects. The "311" method "won the national science and technology progress prize two" (the first vacancy), "HCG" high-tech projects for the national key Torch Program projects, the State Family Planning Commission Expert Committee organized the development research center of the State Council, the National Committee of science and technology, Renmin University of China.
With the party's infinite loyalty, the pursuit of the cause, founded the Qingdao Jiulong Biological Medicine Co., Ltd. , total is more than 20 biotechnology companies. In 2013 in Germany , invest in the construction of pharmaceutical enterprises. Heparin sodium, sodium chondroitin sulfate and other fine biochemical technology.He served as project leader of the research group of experts identified were Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the "international leading level", which won the "two heparin boutique project such as Qingdao science and technology progress award, and was selected as the national torch plan project".

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