What is heparin sodium extracted from?

  Heparin sodium, it is easy to see in our daily life, in the cosmetics we use and some creams may contain heparin sodium, even in the hospital to use blood vessels also contain heparin sodium. So what is heparin extracted from?

  Heparin sodium is a kind of acid viscocarbohydrate natural anticoagulant containing sulfuric acid group, mainly for the formation and activity of antithrombin and thrombin, prevent platelet aggregation. The main effect of heparin sodium is blood anticoagulation, most of which is used in blood collection tube. It can prevent blood from coagulation in vitro after blood collection, which is convenient for the follow-up detection work.

  As a raw material in skin care products, it can increase the vascular permeability of the skin, locally improve blood circulation, promote the absorption of skin nutrients, remove residual impurities, and play a protective role for the skin. And one of the products to nutrition cream and eye cream, use it more.

What is heparin sodium extracted from?

  Heparin is extracted from most of the viscera of mammals, and much of the current medicinal heparin is extracted from the mucous membranes of pig intestines and the lungs of pigs, cows and sheep. However, there are a large number of pigs raised in China, so the supply of pig intestines is wide and it is more convenient to ensure the quality of raw materials. Besides, heparin extracted from pigs is safer than that from other animals. Previous studies have found that heparin extracted from different animals will have different chemical structures and biological activities, and the adverse reactions are also different. The adverse reaction of thrombocytopenia caused by heparin from cattle is about 2 times that of heparin from pigs, which makes countries have higher requirements and restrictions on the extraction sources. Therefore, pig intestines are the main extraction source of heparin sodium in China.

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