Extraction of heparin sodium steps introduced!

  Heparin sodium is mainly extracted from the intestinal mucosa of the lungs of pigs, sheep and cattle. Studies have shown that heparin sodium is the highest in the intestinal mucosa of pigs. Crude heparin sodium is a traditional export product of China, which occupies an important position in the world. Heparin can interfere with many steps of the clotting process and has anticoagulant effects in vivo and in vitro. Heparin sodium can be extracted in many ways. So what are the steps to extract heparin sodium?

  1, the small intestine is washed, and then the mucosa of the small intestine is scraped out and mashed. Set aside.

  2, the mud heated water stir, and then add trypsin and weak base in turn, until the solution ph value is 8-10, and then heating, the heating process ph should be kept between 8.5-9.5, heating to 30-40℃, maintain a constant temperature of 2-3h, and then continue heating to 50-60℃, maintain a constant temperature of 10-20min, Then do deep filtration treatment, get filtrate;

  3. Cool the filtrate to 30-40℃, remove the oil slick on the upper layer of the filtrate, and then add A-722MP resin column to absorb heparin sodium;

Extraction of heparin sodium steps introduced!

  4, add 10% sodium chloride solution, keep the temperature at 50-55℃, slowly elute.

  5. Filter and transfer the eluent collected twice into the precipitation tank, add 80-85% alcohol and stir evenly, then adjust the ph value to keep at 7-8, let the sealed precipitation stand for 10-12 hours, filter and get the sediment.

  6, put the sediment in the drying box after dehydration and drying to obtain heparin sodium.

  The above steps are some basic steps for extracting heparin sodium. If there are other methods, welcome to supplement the communication techniques.