Why is enoxaparin the number one selling low molecular weight heparin?

  After more than 70 years of clinical research, people have a profound understanding of the anticoagulant mechanism of heparin, has become a blockbuster drug in anticoagulant drugs. Low molecular weight heparin is widely used in clinical practice due to its good anticoagulant effect, less effect on platelet function, small side effects, good absorption by subcutaneous injection, long half-life in vivo and many other advantages.

  Enoxaparin sodium is a kind of low molecular weight heparin, which has high quality: NO N-NO residue will be introduced, which has great advantages for quality control of products.

Why is enoxaparin the number one selling low molecular weight heparin?

  The specific structure of enoxaparin: the active site of enoxaparin is a unique 1, 6-dehydrating ring (two ring) structure, which makes it different from other LMWH pharmacologic properties.

  Enoxaparin has a high cost: production costs are higher, production is less efficient, and the price is slightly higher than other products.

  Enoxaparin sodium is more antithrombotic and has a lower risk of bleeding. It has a longer half-life and is more suitable as an anticoagulant for cardiopulmonary bypass during hemodialysis. Enoxaparin has a wider range of clinical indications: it is the only one that can be used for medical deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities.