Heparin kind what medicine is, which a few kinds divide?

  Since its discovery, heparin has been widely used for the prevention and treatment of various thromboembolic diseases due to its rapid action, definite efficacy and reversible anticoagulant effect. However, there are a wide variety of heparin drugs with similar names, such as heparin sodium, low molecular weight heparin sodium, enoxaparin sodium, etc. So heparin kind is what medicine, divide which a few kinds?

  Heparin was first identified as an anticoagulant from the liver of animals, so the substance was named "heparin". Later, heparin was found to exist in many organs of mammals. At present, heparin is mainly extracted from pig intestinal mucosa and pig and bovine lung.

  Heparin is mainly divided into ordinary heparin, low molecular weight heparin, heparin derivatives (e.g., Fonda HEparin), and heparin analogs (e.g., DANa-HEparIN).

Heparin kind what medicine is, which a few kinds divide?

  Low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) is a short chain preparation isolated from ordinary heparin or degraded by ordinary heparin. Due to the different molecular size, anticoagulant activity, preparation method and manufacturer, low molecular weight heparin commonly used in clinical practice includes enoxaparin, dalheparin, natroheparin, etc.

  Synthetic heparin derivative fondahecapric sodium is a polysaccharide synthesized on the basis of antithrombin heparin binding site structure.

  The heparin analogue dana-heparin sodium is a mixture of sulfated glucan, also prepared from pig intestinal mucosa. The principal components are heparan sulfate, dermal sulfate and chondroitin sulfate.