What is the role of Dalteparin in fetal protection?

  Dalteparin can be used during pregnancy to preserve pregnancy in women with recurrent miscarriage and hypercoagulability.

  The role of Dalteparin in protecting the fetus includes the following aspects:

  First, it can improve blood coagulation, reduce blood viscosity, with anticoagulant effect, so as to improve the blood transport of the pregnancy sac implantation and placenta, and avoid all kinds of complications caused by placenta shallow implantation.

What is the role of Dalteparin in fetal protection?

  Second, it has immunomodulatory effect, inhibiting the immune response produced by anti-phospholipid antibody.

  Thirdly, promote the proliferation, invasion and differentiation of trophoblast cells, inhibit the apoptosis of trophoblast cells, protect the vascular endothelium and promote the growth of placenta.

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