What effect does heparin sodium have in cosmetics?

  Heparin sodium is a substance found in mammalian organs and tissues, mainly in small intestine and lung tissues. From chemical point of view, it belongs to acid sticky polysaccharide material, have a variety of effects, such as anticoagulant blood, anti-inflammatory, adjust the effect of blood fat. However, in recent years, due to the rapid development of cosmetics industry, heparin sodium, which is often used in biochemical experiments, has become a hot spot product in cosmetics raw materials.

  Common cosmetics containing heparin sodium ingredients have eye cream, face cream, essence and other products, often pay attention to the makeup of the sisters can find a lot of big brand eye cream, face cream can see its figure. Understand what role heparin sodium plays with xiaobian together!

What effect does heparin sodium have in cosmetics?

  1. Heparin sodium used in eye cream can play the role of eye care, remove dark circles, puffy eyes, improve dullness, promote absorption.

  2. When heparin sodium is added to creams and essences, it can:

  ① Increase skin vascular permeability;

  ② The effect of improving local vascular circulation;

  ③ Promote the supply of skin nutrition and the excretion of metabolic waste;

  (4) good health care and maintenance of the skin;

  ⑤ Reduce skin sensitivity, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy;

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