Is heparin sodium introduced to the action of the skin?

  The effect of heparin sodium on skin is mainly to relieve itching, reduce inflammation, fight allergy, improve microcirculation and promote metabolism. However, when using such drugs, it is necessary to use them under the guidance of doctors to avoid adverse reactions.

  1, antipruritic: heparin sodium has a good protective effect on vascular endothelial cells, can prevent platelet adhesion, antipruritic effect;

  2. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy: Heparin sodium has anti-inflammatory and anti-complement biological activities, as well as inactivation of histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine and other inflammatory mediators, so as to play an anti-inflammatory role. In addition, heparin sodium can play a certain role in the rapidity and delay of anaphylaxis.

  3. Improve microcirculation: percutaneous absorption of heparin sodium can prevent inflammatory cells from infiltrating around blood vessels, thus improving local microcirculation. At this time, local skin detumescence and pain relief can be accelerated, so that local skin swelling and nodules can be dissipated quickly;

Is heparin sodium introduced to the action of the skin?

  4, promote metabolism: heparin sodium can promote blood circulation, increase the blood supply of ischemic tissue, so as to promote the supply of nutrition and waste excretion, play a better role in skin metabolism;

  5, other functions: Heparin sodium contains keratin softening and moisturizing ingredients, can soften the local skin, make the local skin get moisturizing and moist effect, and can promote cell proliferation, promote superficial wound healing. Heparin sodium can also treat skin diseases such as frostbite, cold sex erythema multiforme, dry skin, bryophytic degeneration and chronic eczema.

  Although heparin sodium has minor side effects, it cannot be ignored. Some patients may experience skin burning and allergic reactions, such as itching, so patients should avoid using it blindly. In addition, patients with exudative diseases or burns should avoid the use of heparin sodium.