Qingdao Jiulong Medicine is Heparin Sodium API Supplier

  Qingdao Jiulong Biomedicine is mainly engaged in the scientific research, production and sales of heparin sodium (the first choice for surgical anticoagulant drugs) and chondroitin sulfate sodium bulk drugs. In recent years, it has developed enoxaparin sodium, daheparin sodium, heparin sulfate, delpolysaccharose and other bulk drugs.

  First, professional team

  From raw material procurement, production, quality inspection, delivery, each link is equipped with professional personnel, is a strong team organization.

Qingdao Jiulong Medicine is Heparin Sodium API Supplier

  Second, advanced equipment

  The company has introduced advanced production equipment from Germany to ensure the large-scale production of products, which greatly improves the output, shortens the production cycle and improves the product quality.

  Three, strict quality control

  The company is equipped with professional quality inspection team and testing equipment, products from raw material procurement, production, packaging through strict testing, to ensure product quality, our products can be tested by third-party testing institutions, quality safety assured.