Why enoxaparin is the number one selling LMWH?

  1. Preparation process

  The production of enoxaparin sodium is due to the use of a relatively advanced benzyl alcohol pyrolysis method, through the "β -elimination degradation" cleavage of UFH (common heparin) long chain of polysaccharide molecules into a short chain enoxaparin sodium. Due to the uniqueness of the process: high quality; Specific structure; The high cost.

  2. Molecular structure

  Different drug molecular structure, the average molecular weight is completely different, resulting in different clinical efficacy. Scientific studies have shown that the lower the molecular weight of LMWH, the better the anticoagulant effect, and the lower the risk of bleeding.

Why enoxaparin is the number one selling LMWH?

  3. Pharmacokinetics

  The pharmacokinetic data of drug metabolism showed enoxaparin was superior to other low molecular weight heparins.

  4, more indications

  Enoxaparin has a wider range of clinical indications: it is the only one that can be used for deep venous thrombosis of lower extremities in internal medicine. Enoxaparin sodium can be used for the prophylaxis of non-operative DVT (deep venous thrombosis) with a wider scope of application.

  5. Quality standards

  Enoxaparin is the only low molecular weight liver quality standard that has been listed in the UK, USA and European pharmacopoeia.