What are the features and applications of heparin sodium products?

  I. Product features:

  1. Anticoagulant promotes blood circulation: Heparin sodium has good anticoagulant and promote blood circulation, promote blood circulation of skin and hair, and has a good effect against dark circles, eye bags, skin dullness, frostbite and chap; And can promote the absorption of active substances;

  2. Repair and enhance the permeability of skin vessels: Heparin sodium can treat superficial skin phlebitis, inhibit local bleeding, repair capillaries, treat red blood, varicose veins surfaced;

  3. Inhibiting inflammation: Heparin sodium has good anti-inflammatory activity, and has certain therapeutic effect on local edema, hematoma, eczema and ulcer. It has a positive therapeutic effect on hormone-dependent dermatitis and redness.

What are the features and applications of heparin sodium products?

  4. Anti-aging and fade spots: Heparin sodium can inhibit the loss of mucopolysaccharide in skin, promote metabolism, delay the aging of the body, and inhibit the pigment deposition due to the decline of metabolic function.

  Two, product application:

  Heparin sodium is used in eye and face products to promote local circulation. Eye care: remove dark circles and puffy eyes, and promote the absorption of other nutrients.

  Facial care: red blood, hormone dependent dermatitis repair, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle products.

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