Heparins Manufacturer notes and functions of heparin sodium?

  The role of heparin sodium:

  (1) Prevention and treatment of thrombosis and embolism, such as myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, thrombophlebitis and postoperative thrombosis, etc.

  (2) Treatment of diffuse intravascular coagulation caused by various causes, such as bacterial septicemia, placental abruption, and malignant cell lysis. Early application prevents the depletion of fibrin and clotting factors.

  (3) Other in vitro and in vivo anticoagulant drugs, such as cardiac catheterization, extracorporeal circulation, hemodialysis, etc.

Heparins Manufacturer notes and functions of heparin sodium?

  Heparins Manufacturer notes on heparin sodium:

  (1) Excessive medication can cause spontaneous bleeding, which is manifested as mucosal bleeding (hematuria, gastrointestinal bleeding), joint bleeding and wound bleeding, etc. Therefore, clotting time or partial thrombin time should be measured during medication, with clotting time > 30 minutes or > 100 seconds indicating overdose. Spontaneous bleeding should be stopped immediately. Severe bleeding can be neutralized by intravenous injection of protamine sulfate with heparin sodium at a rate of no more than 20 mg per minute or 50 mg within 10 minutes. 1mg protamine normally neutralizes 100 units of heparin in the body.

  (2) Occasionally allergic reactions, such as asthma, urticaria, conjunctivitis, fever, etc. Long-term medication can cause hair loss and transient reversible baldness, osteoporosis and spontaneous fracture. See also transient thrombocytopenia.

  (3) Patients with hypersensitivity to heparin sodium, bleeding tendency and coagulation disorder, thrombocytopenia, hemophilia, peptic ulcer, severe hypertension, intracranial hemorrhage, bacterial endocarditis, active tuberculosis, threatened abortion or postpartum, tumor, trauma and postoperative patients are prohibited from using heparin sodium. Pregnant women should only use heparin if there is a clear indication.

  Intramuscular injection or skin injection is more irritating, should use a fine needle injection into deep muscle or subcutaneous adipose tissue.