Heparins Manufacturer: Properties and Medical applications of heparin sodium!

  Heparin sodium API Supplier says Heparin sodium comes from the small intestinal mucosa of pigs and is a biochemical drug that can't be made artificially. According to research statistics, according to the number of small intestine pigs, the average 2000 small intestine pigs can obtain 1Kg of heparin raw material. Heparin is an aminoglycan sulfate produced by mast cells in connective tissue of animals. It belongs to mucopolysaccharide and has a molecular weight of 5000-30000. Heparin is a synergistic product of many cells with extremely complex three-dimensional structure and participates in multistep enzymatic reactions of the body.

  Heparin has the physical and chemical properties of strong negative charge, which can interfere with many links in the coagulation process and has anticoagulant effect in vivo and in vitro. Heparin is usually found in the form of its sodium salt, heparin sodium. Heparin sodium is a mixture of asymmetric molecules with different molecular weights, and is the general name of sodium glucosamine sulfate.

Heparins Manufacturer: Properties and Medical applications of heparin sodium!

  The potency of heparin API is the active unit (IU) per milligram of heparin API, and the range of potency required by various countries is generally 150-200 IU/mg. At present, there are mainly hai, Changshan pharmaceutical and other companies to produce heparin raw materials.

  Application of heparin sodium in medical field:

  Clinical heparin sodium is mainly used to treat cerebral infarction. Heparin sodium hydrolyzed in vivo, some components have the property of prolonging coagulation time, can be used as anticoagulant drugs. In addition to anticoagulant activity and related antithrombotic activity, it can also be used as adjunctive therapy for acute myocardial infarction and reduce thromboembolism and other complications. In recent years, heparin has been found to have biological functions such as inhibiting smooth muscle cell proliferation, anti-inflammation, anti-tumor and anti-virus.

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