Heparin sodium uses

  Heparin sodium is an anticoagulant. It affects many parts of the coagulation process and can prolong the coagulation time and prothrombin time. Heparin sodium has rapid anticoagulant action both in vitro and in vivo. Heparin sodium mainly acts on the formation of fibrin and also reduces platelet aggregation.

  Heparins Manufacturer: Heparin sodium is used to prevent and treat thromboembolic diseases such as myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, cerebrovascular embolism, and peripheral venous thrombosis. Can prevent the formation and expansion of thrombosis. It can also be used for anticoagulant treatment of early DIC in vivo and in vitro. Early application prevents depletion of fibrinogen and coagulation factors. It can also be used as an in vitro anticoagulant in blood transfusions instead of citrate or cardiopulmonary bypass.

  Heparin sodium uses

  1. All kinds of nature of bleeding and clotting delayed disease, liver and kidney function is not complete, severe hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, acute infection of endocarditis (except artificial valve endocarditis caused), gastrointestinal tract drainage tube, abortion, active tuberculosis, stripped skin disease, brain surgery, ulcer and allergy to this product after spinal surgery, late pregnancy, pregnant women, women are prohibited.

  2. Alcohol poisoning, allergic constitution, menstruation, space-occupying lesions, pregnant women, puerpera and other groups should be used with caution.

  3. If there is serious bleeding, protamine sulfate can be injected intravenously for emergency treatment with fast injection speed.

  4. Before medication, platelet count should be done twice a week during medication, and coagulation time should be measured regularly. If the clotting time is longer than 30 minutes, it indicates an overdose. Watch for bleeding.

Heparin sodium uses

  5. A special method for subcutaneous injection of heparin sodium -- deep subcutaneous adipose layer injection: the injection site is the adipose layer on the abdominal wall or iliac crest. Can avoid general shallow subcutaneous injection easy to cause hematoma and pain, short time of action shortcomings. Take the correct dose with an empty tuberculin needle, change the needle, and disinfect the skin (gently, do not press again to avoid subcutaneous bleeding). Lift the abdominal wall at least 5 cm above the navel and beyond the white line of the abdomen without scar tissue. Hold the needle in place and slowly push the medicine (do not pull the needle back to look for blood). After injection, quickly pull out the needle and gently press on the pinhole for about 1 minute. Massage is not allowed. Change the injection site each time.

  6. Heparin sodium has a diuretic effect and appears within 36 to 48 hours after initiation of treatment and within 48 hours after cessation of treatment. Be careful to let the patient drink plenty of water and remember the amount of water in and out.

  7. Smoking and drinking will affect the function of this product and should be prohibited.

  8, heparin sodium can inhibit the secretion of aldosterone, cause potassium retention, such as continuous use for several days, should be measured blood potassium.

  9. Heparin sodium can cause increased consumption of antithrombin in the blood, and will return to normal 24-48 hours after discontinuing the drug. During this time, the likelihood of thrombosis is increased, so it should not be stopped suddenly. Anticoagulants should generally be taken orally for prophylaxis 3 to 5 days before discontinuation and gradually reduced until discontinuation.

  10, if allergic reaction, should stop medicine in time.

  11. Trauma should be avoided if there is a risk of bleeding related to trauma, and at the same time, traumatic operations such as intramuscular injection and catheterization should be stopped.

  12. According to the dry product, the potency per milligram shall not be less than 150U..

  13. Excessive bleeding can cause spontaneous bleeding, such as mucosal bleeding, joint bleeding, wound bleeding, etc.

  14. The following diseases should be contraindication: liver and kidney insufficiency, ulcers, severe hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, pregnant women, threatened abortion, postoperative, hemophilia.

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