Heparins Manufacturer for extracting heparin sodium

  Heparin is a mucopolysaccharide widely existing in mammalian tissues, mainly in mast cells, with anticoagulant effect. It is widely used in surgery and the treatment of cerebral thrombosis and myocardial infarction. Heparin sodium is the sodium salt of heparin. As a natural anticoagulant, heparin sodium has attracted worldwide attention. It is also one of China's main export drugs.

  The Heparins Manufacturer will introduce a simple, high-yield heparin sodium extraction process suitable for industrial use. It consists of the following steps:

  (1) Raw material processing: clean the fresh small intestine with water, scrape off the mucosa of the small intestine after cleaning, and then put the mucosa of the small intestine into a blender and mix it into a chyme for later use;

Heparins Manufacturer for extracting heparin sodium

  (2) Heating enzymatic hydrolysis: put the chylous intestinal mucosa obtained in Step 1 into the heating tank, add water to mix and stir, then add 8% trypsin and weak alkaline solution in turn to adjust the pH value of the solution to the pH value of 8-10, and then heat. During heating, the pH value should be maintained between 8.5 and 9.5, and heat at a constant temperature to 30-40℃ for 2-3h. Then continue to heat to 50.

  (3) Cooling adsorption: cool the filtrate obtained in Step 2 to 30-40℃, remove the oil floating on the upper layer, add the resin, stir and adsorb for 6-7h, and filter out the resin after adsorption;

  (4) Elution: Wash the collected resin in the eluent, add 10% sodium chloride solution, keep the temperature at 50-55℃, stir for 3-4 hours, collect the eluent; Elute twice, and combine the eluent collected twice for later use;

  (5) Precipitation: Filtrate the eluent collected twice and move it to the precipitation tank, add ethanol with a mass percentage of 80-85%, stir it evenly, then adjust the pH value to 7-8, stand and seal the precipitation for 10-12 hours, and filter to obtain the precipitation for later use;

  (6) Dehydration and drying: put the sediment into the drying oven to dry, and get the heparin sodium.

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