Heparins Manufacturer:Preparation of heparin sodium anticoagulant!

  Anticoagulant principle of heparin sodium: Heparin sodium has a strong anticoagulant effect, and is often used as a systemic anticoagulant in animal resuscitation experiments. The anticoagulant effect of heparin sodium is mainly to inhibit the activity of thrombin, prevent platelet aggregation, inhibit antithrombin, so that blood does not coagulate. In animal studies, the usual dose is 2.5~3.0 mg bw for rats, 10 mg bw for rabbits and 5~10 mg bw for dogs.

  Heparins Manufacturer: Describes the preparation of heparin sodium anticoagulant

  1 preparation of equipment and consumables

  1.1 Equipment, test tube (1.2 * 11cm), 5ml syringe, 50ml small beaker, glass rod, long neck funnel, test tube holder, pipette, 25ml measuring cylinder, grinding plate, thermostatic electric drying oven

  1.2 Consumables distilled water, heparin sodium injection (2ml: 12500U), EP suction head, fresh-keeping bag and label.

  2 Dissolution and volume determination of heparin sodium

  2.1 Gently cut the neck of the heparin sodium injection with sandpaper, break the ampoule, extract the heparin sodium solution with a 5ml syringe, and pour the whole solution into a 50ml beaker.

Heparins Manufacturer:Preparation of heparin sodium anticoagulant!

  2.2 Accurately measure 18 mL of distilled water with a 25 ml measuring cylinder.

  2.3 Use the above-mentioned 5mL syringe to absorb distilled water from the measuring cylinder, and rinse the syringe 3~4 times, each time with about 3mL water, and transfer the flushing water completely into the small beaker each time.

  2.4 Pour the suspension from the cylinder into a small beaker.

  2.5 Stir the solution with a glass rod.

  2.6 The above standard solution was filtered and sterilized, that is, 10 mg/ mL heparin sodium was prepared for the solution.

  3 production of anticoagulant tube

  3.1 Insert the prepared test tubes into each test-tube culture rack.

  3.2 Add 10 mg/ml heparin sodium anticoagulant 100 ul into each tube with pipette, which can anticoagulant 5-10 mL of blood. You can also calculate the number of additions as required.

  3.3 After adding anticoagulant into the test tube, put it into a constant temperature drying oven and bake it at 60℃ for about 5 h until it is completely dried.

  3.4 Take out the dried heparin anticoagulant tube and complete the preparation of the heparin anticoagulant tube.

  3.5 Put the prepared heparin anticoagulant tube into a dry plastic bag and make labels according to regulations. It is then stored at 2 * 8 ° C for 3 weeks.