Heparins Manufacturer: How is it made?

  There is a certain degree of difference between heparin sodium and crude heparin sodium. Many people will confuse these two problems. In fact, crude heparin sodium is also known as crude heparin sodium. Specific crude taste heparin sodium is for a kind of does not have what society material?

  Raw heparin sodium and sodium heparin or with a certain degree of different, many people confuse the two, actually, crude products also known as heparin sodium heparin sodium products, at the time of extraction, the extraction of relevant research methods or purity information is need what we can't completely ignore, specific raw heparin sodium for a no social material? Is coarse taste heparin sodium ok how development forms? Here is our simple analysis to understand.

Heparins Manufacturer: How is it made?

  Heparins Manufacturer: In the preparation of crude heparin sodium, sulfuric acid and sodium glucosamine from the mucous membrane of a pig's small intestine can be made into molecules by separation and purification of heparin. Heparin and other new anticoagulants have a certain antithrombotic or anticoagulant effect, the molecular weight of crude heparin sodium is also different, according to our specific methods or steps, the molecular weight will be different. Usually, it is a linear chain molecule consisting of six pond or batang repeating units. Most have molecular weights between 3000 and 30000, with an average molecular weight of about 15000. Of course, its appearance is yellow, or brown, close to gray or similar color solid particles or powder.

  Now, how do we make crude heparin? With a better understanding, crude heparin sodium does not mix easily with organic solvents such as ethanol or acetone, so it can be stored with these solvents when stored, but it is very easy to mix with moisture, so it must be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place and should not come into contact with moisture.