Manufacturer of Heparins Sodium Cream

  Heparin sodium cream is the main component of heparin sodium, which is widely used in the prevention and treatment of thrombotic diseases, early treatment of disseminated intravascular coagulation and in vitro anticoagulation. Clinical application and research show that heparin not only has anticoagulant action, but also has a variety of biological activities and clinical uses. So, when do we start using heparin cream? What do I need to know?

  The specific use of heparin sodium cream varies depending on the situation, such as applying it to the affected area 2-3 times a day. For all types of eczema, acute episodes can be alternated with corticosteroid ointments (5-10 days) and then treated with heparin sodium cream alone until cured. For patients with hemorrhoid eczema, it is best to apply it to the anus, but to avoid bleeding. Patients with soft tissue contusions and burns should be treated with antibiotics when infected. For superficial phlebitis and wrinkle patients and used to soften scars, it is best to apply warm water after hot compress, with massage as a supplement, to promote drug absorption. As for when to use heparin sodium cream, it depends on the specific situation, but we should not only pay attention to the use of heparin sodium cream, but also pay attention to those who have bleeding tendency to use heparin sodium cream.

Manufacturer of Heparins Sodium Cream

  Heparin sodium cream is a drug that can be used to treat superficial phlebitis, and superficial phlebitis is called benign superficial phlebitis due to various etiology and pathological changes as well as the characteristics of Clinical studies in China. Intermittent and recurrent superficial thrombophlebitis is called superficial phlebitis of random walk.

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