Enoxaparin preparation process introduction!

  Manufacturer of Heparins: In the production of enoxaparin, use the "elimination degradation method" to decompose long-chain polysaccharide (common heparin) into short-chain enoxaparin. Due to the uniqueness of the process:

  High quality: no residue is introduced, which has great advantage in product quality control

  Specific structure: The active site is a unique 1, 6-dehydrated ring (double ring) structure, which differs from other low molecular weight compounds in pharmacological properties.

  High cost: high production cost, low production efficiency, slightly higher than other products.

Enoxaparin preparation process introduction!

  Heparins Manufacturer Introduction: Molecular structure

  Different drug molecular structure design, the average molecular weight is completely different, resulting in different understanding of clinical efficacy in China.

  Scientific studies have shown that the lower the molecular weight of low molecular weight heparin, the better the anticoagulant effect, the lower the risk of bleeding.

  Enoxaparin was more potent at the same international unit dose.

  Subcutaneous injection of blood drug concentration reached the peak of the shortest time, the fastest effect.

  Heparins Manufacturer: Pharmacokinetics

  Kinetic studies of drug metabolism showed that enoxaparin was superior to other low molecular weight heparin

  Enoxaparin has strong antithrombotic activity and a low risk of bleeding. Its long half-life makes it more suitable for use as a hemodialysis anticoagulant, and 1 -- 2 times a day can be used for clinical subcutaneous injection.