Heparins Manufacturer: The past and present life of low molecular heparin

  Since the 1930s, heparin can be mainly used in clinical, after more than 70 years of clinical application research, people have developed a profound understanding of the formation mechanism of the anticoagulant effect of heparin, has become a blockbuster of anticoagulant drugs. Low molecular weight heparin has been widely studied and applied in Clinical practice in China due to its good anticoagulant effect, less influence on platelet system function analysis, fewer side effects, good absorption by subcutaneous injection, long half-life in vivo and many other advantages.

  Heparins Manufacturer: Low molecular weight heparin is a type of heparin with a low molecular weight prepared from the depolymerization of common heparin. Due to the difference of nitric acid depolymerization, heparin enzymatic depolymerization, phenylmethyl ester basic depolymerization, hydrogen peroxide and copper oxygen depolymerization, the molecular weight, quality and efficacy are different.

Heparins Manufacturer: The past and present life of low molecular heparin

  China is widely used in "enoxaparin sodium" "naqu heparin calcium" "da heparin sodium"; Due to the limitation of technical level, the generic low molecular weight heparin applied before 2010 has not been classified and managed, the quality standard is obviously lower than the original research level, and the clinical efficacy is not clear.

  In this environment, the new standard low molecular weight heparin in line with the original research technology level will replace the whole market, and the overall market will exceed 5 billion yuan in 2018. Enoxaparin sodium will dominate. Heparin sodium Price