According to the adverse reaction of liver element sodium and note items?

  Enoxaparin sodium, originally developed by Rhone-Poulenc Rorer in France (later merged with Hoechst in Germany to form Sanofi), is a low molecular weight heparin sodium extracted from pig intestine mucosa, obtained by esterification of heparin benzyl sodium derivative, and then produced by alkali lysis of heparin sodium. Structurally, it is composed of many complex and undefined oligosaccharides. According to current knowledge, most oligosaccharides have 4-enolpyranose acid at the non-reducing end of the sugar chain, and 1, 6-dehydrated structure at the reducing end of the sugar chain accounts for 15-25% of the total sugar.

  Heparins Manufacturer: Adverse Reactions?

  1. Pain: Pain varies according to the nature of the drug, individual sensitivity to pain and injection site.

  2, bruising bruising purple: after puncture, pressing should not be appropriate or caused by drugs.

  3. Syncope: excessive mental stress, pain, hunger and weakness.

According to the adverse reaction of liver element sodium and note items?

  Manufacturer of Heparins: Precautions before and after injection

  1. Relax before injection, gently massage around the navel to make the skin in a relaxed state

  2. Rotate the injection site during injection

  3. Do not inject on an empty stomach, accompanied by family members to distract attention, and carry candy in case of emergency

  4. Press the skin vertically with cotton swabs, and the skin subsidence should be 0.5~1 cm. Press for more than 5 minutes

  5, bruising, local application of raw potato chips

  6. If you have any discomfort, please come back at any time