The pharmacological action of sodium of enuo heparin and adapt symptom?

  Heparins Manufacturer Describes the pharmacological effects

  Enoxparin, as a low molecular weight heparin preparation, can make the ratio of anticoagulant factor X A/II A greater than 4, so it has a strong antithrombotic effect and a certain thrombolysis effect. At the recommended dose, there were no significant changes in total coagulation parameters, platelet aggregation time, and fibrinogen binding. Although low molecular weight heparin is suitable for all heparin fragments with molecular weight less than 8000da, the effectiveness of each fragment depends on the molecular weight. In vitro comparison between enoxaparin (molecular weight 4000 ~ 6000da) and ordinary heparin showed that the inhibition of thrombin by enoxaparin was about 5 times less than that of ordinary heparin. In vivo studies also showed that subcutaneous heparin and activated partial thrombin time (APTT) were significantly longer than subcutaneous enoxaparin.

The pharmacological action of sodium of enuo heparin and adapt symptom?


  The maximum action time and duration of enoxparin sodium subcutaneous injection were 3 to 5 h and 24h, and the bioavailability was 92%, which depended on the activity of anticoagulant factor x a. animal studies showed that enoxparin sodium selectively collected in the kidney, liver and spleen, and its distribution volume (Vd) was 6 to 7 L/kg. The mean half-life was 4.5 h (3 ~ 6~7h), 6~7h in the elderly and 1.7 times in patients with renal failure. The kidneys are the primary pathway for enoxparin sodium excretion, mainly through glomerular filtration.


  1. It is mainly used to prevent embolization of venous cardiopulmonary bypass during plastic surgery and general surgery and coagulation dialysis.

  2. Prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, and treat deep vein thrombosis.

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