Is the correct preparation method of heparin sodium introduced?

  Add 0.1 ml of heparin sodium to 10 ml of normal saline, or half a dose to 100 ml.

  Preparation of heparin solution A: 12 500 U (2 mg) heparin sodium was added to 100 mL normal saline; B: 150 ml normal saline and 12 500 U (2 mg) heparin sodium; C: 250 ml normal saline and 12 500u heparin sodium (2 mg).

  The application of superficial vein indwelling needle greatly facilitates medical staff and patients. It can not only relieve the pain of repeated puncture and protect blood vessels, but also is an important means of clinical blood transfusion, fluid rehydration, intravenous nutrition support and drug administration, which is beneficial to clinical drug use and emergency treatment.

Is the correct preparation method of heparin sodium introduced?

  Sealing pipe is an important link in the effective application of this technology. Proper methods can prolong the indwelling time and prevent the occurrence of complications. Otherwise, it will cause blockage, needle eye bleeding and superficial phlebitis due to local thrombosis. Heparin is an acidic mucopolysaccharide that has a strong anticoagulant effect when used in vitro and in vivo. However, there are different reports about the best dose of detergent in China.

  It is considered that there are two factors influencing the success of sealing: first, the choice of sealing fluid and sealing technology; Second, the age of the patient, the ambient temperature, the nature and concentration of the drug administered, etc. Through clinical observation, it was found that 150 mL normal saline plus 12 500 U heparin sodium had the best sealing effect, which not only extended the indwelling time, alleviated the pain of patients, but also reduced the waste of health resources.

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