The notice of heparin sodium is introduced!

  1. It is strictly prohibited to hemorrhagic diathesis and clotting delay, liver and kidney function is not complete, severe hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, acute infection of endocarditis (except artificial valve endocarditis caused), brain surgery, spinal surgery postoperative gastrointestinal continuous drainage tube, abortion, active tuberculosis, stripped skin disease, ulcer and stabler than allergies, late pregnancy pregnant women and puerpera.

  2. Be careful to use for alcoholism, allergy, menstruation, space-occupying diseases, pregnant women and puerpera.

  3. In case of severe bleeding, protamine sulfate can be injected intravenously for first aid. The injection rate is less than 20 mg/min or 50m g within 10 minutes (1mg protamine sulfate can neutralize 100U heparin sodium). However, it should be noted that :① Excessive use of protamine may have anticoagulant effect, because protamine interferes with thrombin. ② Due to heparin metabolism, the longer the interval after heparin injection, the less protamine used to neutralize heparin.

  4. Platelet counts should be done twice a week before and during medication, and clotting time should be measured regularly. If it takes more than 30 minutes, it's an overdose. Bleeding should be observed.

  5. Special method of subcutaneous injection of this product -- injection of deep subcutaneous fat layer: the injection site is the fat layer on the abdominal wall or iliac crest. Can avoid the general superficial subcutaneous injection caused by hematoma and pain, short action time shortcomings. The correct dose is drawn with an empty tuberculin needle, the injection needle is replaced, the skin is disinfected (light and do not press again to avoid subcutaneous bleeding), the abdominal wall is raised at least 5 cm from the navel beyond the abdominal white line, leaving no scars, the needle is firmly in place, and the medicine is slowly pushed (do not pull the core back to see the blood). After injection, quickly pull out the needle and press gently at the pinhole for about 1 minute. Massage is not allowed. Change the injection site each time.

  6. This product has diuretic effect and appears within 36-48 hours after the beginning of treatment and 48 hours after the cessation of treatment. It should be noted that patients should drink more water and keep in mind the intake and output.

  7. Smoking and drinking will affect the effect of this product and should be prohibited.

  8. This product can inhibit the secretion of aldosterone and cause potassium retention. If used for a few days, blood potassium should be measured.

  9. This product causes increased consumption of antithrombin III in the blood, which returns to normal 24 to 48 hours after discontinuation. During this time, the likelihood of blood clots increases, so it should not be stopped suddenly. * Anticoagulants are usually taken orally 3 * 5 days before withdrawal to prevent thrombosis.

  10. If you have an allergic reaction, stop taking the medicine immediately.

  11. If there is a risk of bleeding associated with trauma, trauma should be avoided and invasive procedures such as intramuscular injection and catheterization should be discontinued.

  12. Titration of product shall not be less than 150 U per milligram.

  13. Excessive can cause spontaneous bleeding, such as mucosal bleeding, joint bleeding, wound bleeding, etc.

  14. The following diseases are prohibited: liver and kidney insufficiency, ulcers, severe hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, pregnant women, threatened abortion, post-operation and hemophilia.

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