The making method of sodium chondroitin sulfate?

  Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium Manufacturer Describes how to make Chondroitin Sodium Sulfate

  40 kg of white dry cartilage was added to a 2% NaOH solution (250 kg), extracted by stirring at room temperature and filtered. The residue is soaked in an appropriate amount of distilled water and filtered. Combine the filtrate twice, so that the total volume of the filtrate is 200 litres. Then add 1:1 hydrochloric acid to the filtrate, adjust the pH to 8.8~9.0, heat, and add 130 grams of trypsinase equal to 1:250 times at 50℃.

  The temperature was controlled at 53~54℃ for 7h. In the process of hydrolysis, the pH value decreases due to the increase of amino acids, so it is necessary to adjust the pH value to 8.8~9.0 at any time with 10% sodium hydroxide solution.

The making method of sodium chondroitin sulfate?

  After hydrolysis, the temperature was kept at 53~54℃, pH was adjusted to 6.8~7.0 with 1:2 hydrochloric acid, then 7 kilograms of activated clay and 200 grams of activated carbon were added, stirring, then 10% sodium hydroxide solution was adjusted to pH 6.8~7.0, stirring and adsorption th. Adjust pH to 5.4 with 1:2 hydrochloric acid, stop heating, let stand for a while, and filter.

  The filtrate is quickly adjusted to pH 6. Add 1% of the filtrate volume of 1% of sodium hydroxide solution and sodium chloride solution. After dissolution, filtrate the filtrate until clear. While stirring, add ethanol to the filtrate to make the ethanol content 75%, stirring once every 0.5h, stirring 4-6 times. After standing for more than 8 hours, chondroitin sulfate was precipitated and supernatant was absorbed. The precipitation of chondroitin sulfate was fully dehydrated twice with anhydrous ethanol, drained and dried at 60~65℃ or vacuum to obtain the finished product.

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