How does cream of heparin sodium treat the effect of eczema?

  Eczema is a common inflammatory skin disease in life, severe people may have different degrees of type, bring great trouble to patients, so eczema must pay attention to early treatment. At present, there are many drugs to treat eczema, heparin sodium cream is one of them, then, heparin sodium cream treatment of eczema how effective? To solve this problem, let's take a look.

  How does cream of heparin sodium treat the effect of eczema?

  Known as an emulsion based white ointment, heparin sodium cream is an over-the-counter remedy used in dermatology for eczema, superficial phlebitis, soft tissue damage, early frostbite, chaps and ulcers, rare skin irritations such as burning, or allergic reactions such as rashes and itching.

How does cream of heparin sodium treat the effect of eczema?

  The main economic components of heparin sodium cream are analyzed as follows:

  Heparin cream contains 350 units of heparin sodium per gram. Excipients include sodium hyaluronate, propanediol, vasilin, glyceryl monostearate, octadecyl alcohol, Liquid paraffin, sodium dodecyl sulfate, lauryl alcohol, spices, and preservatives (ethyl hydroxyphenyl).

  Among them, heparin sodium can improve skin blood circulation, promote its metabolism, and achieve therapeutic effect. The patient that uses heparin sodium frost according to part reflects, have certain curative effect to eczema, have no irritant.

  Heparin sodium cream can effectively control and inflammation of the disease, improve the blood system circulation of the affected area, can diminish inflammation, swelling, pain and other effects, suitable for different treatment of superficial soft tissue contusion, acute superficial phlebitis. After use, patients' blood vessels can be dilated, tissue microcirculation can be improved, blood flow in local areas of the lesion can be unobblocked, metabolic function can be improved, nutritional level can be improved, and accumulation can be eliminated, so that the redness, swelling, pain and inflammatory response can disappear.

  Therefore, heparin sodium cream for the treatment of eczema is highly targeted and can be used by patients who need it. Kowloon is a Heparin Sodium API supplier, welcome to consult!