Is heparin sodium cream hormone class drug?

  For topical skin liniment, many patients are concerned that it contains hormonal components, which can easily cause rebounding phenomenon. Drug "rebound" refers to the long-term use of a drug to treat a disease, after the symptoms of basic control or clinical cure and sudden withdrawal of the drug caused by the reversal of the disease phenomenon. Therefore, long-term use of hormone drugs can not only completely cure the disease, but also affect the health of patients. Heparin sodium cream is often used to treat eczema and other skin diseases in clinic and daily life. Is heparin sodium cream hormone class drug?

  Heparin cream is "heparin", not "hormone" in the usual sense. The main ingredient of heparin sodium cream is heparin sodium, which is sodium glucosamine sulfate extracted from the intestinal mucosa of pigs and cattle. With anticoagulant, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory and other biological activities, suitable for superficial phlebitis, soft tissue contusion, frostbite, wrinkles, ulcers, eczema, etc.

Is heparin sodium cream hormone class drug?

  Heparin sodium cream is a commonly used scar softening drug. The anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic effects of heparin can inhibit the proliferation of fibrous tissue, improve microcirculation, and reduce the skin wound itching, redness, ulcer and scar formation caused by chilblains and burns. Heparin sodium has anticoagulation and anti-platelet aggregation, can improve skin blood circulation, promote its metabolism.

  Therefore, heparin sodium cream is not a hormone drug, but during the use of learning should pay attention to:

  1. Use with caution for pregnant and lactating women.

  2. It is inevitable to use for a long time and a large area.

  3. Avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes (such as mouth, nose, etc.).

  Figure 4. If symptoms such as burning sensation, redness and swelling are present, discontinue the medication and wash it locally, consult a doctor if necessary.

  5. It is strictly prohibited to use heparin sodium cream allergy, allergy to people with caution.

  6. When the properties of heparin sodium cream change, do not use it.

  Is heparin sodium cream hormone class drug? Heparin sodium cream is not hormone drugs, if a patient may appear through the above diseases, it is recommended to use heparin sodium cream for effective treatment under the guidance of doctors, and daily health care should be paid attention to during the treatment work. Kowloon is a Heparin Sodium API supplier, welcome to consult!