Method and technology of sealing heparin sodium infusion tube

  Heparin Sodium Infusion Tube Sealing Method: At the end of the rapid infusion sealing method, the liquid in the infusion tube is directly used, the infusion set regulator is adjusted to the maximum, and 3-4ml liquid is injected for 60 seconds.

  When the liquid level continues to drop, fold the extension tube at the end of the indwelling needle twice with both hands and clamp it into the closing clip. While avoiding extrusion needle lateral extension tube, decrease the chance to return blood, finally removed the scalp needle, ready to pull out the needle, another hand folding Mao Fei dropper upper, and extrusion Mao Fei dropper, make Mao Fei dropper liquid quickly into the blood vessels of the bottom of about 3-5 ml, extend the iv tube near the interface of the small clip clamping Y, pull out the scalp needle after infusion, Close the infusion set regulator, separate the needle from the heparin cap, disinfect the heparin cap, and insert the syringe with the sealant directly into the heparin cap.

  First, slowly inject 5-8ml of sealant, then quickly push 2-3ml, stop for 1s, reverse for 2-3 times, finally push the remaining sealant back to the inclined surface of the needle, inject heparin cap, then inject 1-2ml of sealant, fill the whole lumen and heparin cap lumen, clamp the small clip near the Y interface of the indwelling needle extension tube, and pull out the indwelling needle.