The use of heparin sodium is introduced!

  Heparin Sodium API Supplier Introduction:Heparin sodium is a limited extract of the small intestine of pigs and can be extracted from other animals. However, the amount required to make it into medical heparin sodium is very large, so it is sold in grams and the price of heparin sodium is not low.

  The chemical structure molecular formula of heparin sodium is (C27H26N3S7NA9) NR. The main function of heparin sodium is blood anticoagulation and antithrombotic effect. From this effect, it is generally used to detect blood samples or anticoagulants and thrombolytic drugs.

The use of heparin sodium is introduced!

  China is a big producer, especially of agricultural and sideline products. For heparin sodium extracted from livestock, China is a big exporter of heparin sodium, and has made a lot of achievements in the research of heparin sodium series products. Up to now, thousands of domestic and foreign enterprises provide Heparin sodium products, always focus on product quality, want to know about Heparin sodium price, welcome to consult and understand.

  Heparin sodium essence extract has the general usage will be less, but we can completely can achieve their desired effect, such as used in mining the anticoagulant effect of heparin sodium in vessels, from the company to keep the blood flow and blood sample test in practice there will be no deviation from the original data.

  In medicine, heparin sodium because of its strong negative charge of physical and chemical properties, is a very good drug for the treatment of diseases such as thrombosis.