The origin of the name heparin sodium

  Heparin is strong anticoagulant effect, can be used for the spread of the disease such as the prevention and treatment of the tumor or by transferring valuable drugs, are also commonly used in clinical medicine to improve the permeability of blood to treat or prevent kidney disease, cardiovascular system diseases, skin diseases, such as blood embolism formation, cooperate we use the method can be effectively treated with fulminant epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis sepsis, etc. Heparin sodium in lowering blood lipid and immune ability and other aspects of the work is also very good.

  And heparin sodium can also through the widely use of beauty, skin care, cosmetics and other industries, just because of the enterprise, heparin prices more expensive, our country's economic and social development level and improve residents' living environment is limited, heparin using the quantitative relationship between space and is not large, only as a export arrangements, are exported to overseas, Exports to the United States, Japan and Korea, Europe, the world and other economically and technologically developed countries.

  Heparin is an important polysaccharide that includes heparin sodium, potassium, magnesium, and other salts. Heparin sodium produced in our country because of low price, good quality, can be exported to Japan, Germany, Europe and the United States and other countries. It is one of the few domestic drugs and preparations that can earn more than 10 million yuan in foreign exchange.

The origin of the name heparin sodium

  Heparin sodium treatment can be divided into two categories: coarse and fine courses. As the name implies, the analysis of the processing process of the production enterprise is relatively simple, with no restrictions on the size of the production and operation scale. The procedure is few but the profit level is high. The main technical indicators of crude heparin sodium are judged by the appearance and potency of the product, which are generally in the form of white powder with potency between 80-120U /mg.

  Heparin sodium was first extracted from animal liver by an American medical student under the guidance of his tutor. It is an insoluble lipid soluble phospholipid anticoagulant substance, so his tutor named it heparin. Later, the tutor proposed another water-soluble polysaccharide anticoagulant from animal liver, but still named heparin.

  Heparin Sodium API Supplier said the word 'liver' is in the name of Heparin. This substance can be extracted from an animal's liver, but it's not just in the liver. The substance is produced and released by mast cells in many animal tissues, and heparin is found in human and animal tissues, such as the lungs, heart, liver, small intestine and muscle. However, among many organs, the heparin molecules extracted from pig small intestine are the closest to the molecular structure of human body, and the pig industry in China is very developed. Porcine small intestine is widely available and easy to keep fresh, which is the main source of heparin.