Three characteristics of heparin?

  Heparin (including the use of heparin sodium, heparin calcium, low molecular weight heparin), is an anticoagulant.

  Heparins Manufacturer introduces heparin classification

  (1) Extract normal (standard) heparin from mucosa of pigs and sheep. The average molecular weight is 15,000 which is pretty stable.

  (2) The general molecular weight less than 6000 is called low molecular weight heparin. Compared with ordinary heparin, low molecular weight heparin has a longer half-life and better antithrombotic effect, but it has a weak tendency to anticoagulant bleeding and has a tendency to replace ordinary heparin. In recent years, the commonly used clinical drugs include bataria sodium, enoxaparin sodium and low molecular weight heparin calcium.

Three characteristics of heparin?

  (3) Currently, there are heparin preparations with low anticoagulant activity, modified heparin, heparoid, etc., which are undergoing in-depth analysis and research in China. These technical drugs are mainly characterized by the advantages of low anticoagulant activity, high antithrombotic activity, long action time and less bleeding effect, and have great market development prospects.

  Heparin: a sodium glucosamine sulfate extracted from the mucosa of the pig intestine, belonging to mucoglycans, that acts as an anticoagulant by activating the antithrombin Ⅲ(at-sodium).

  The effect of heparin calcium is similar to that of heparin sodium, but it does not reduce the calcium colloid in the capillaries, nor does it alter the subcutaneous injection of heparin sodium after permeability. This product also has obvious anti - renin and anti - aldosterone activity. If you want to know about Heparin Sodium Price, welcome to consult!