What is the difference between heparin and low molecular weight heparin?

  1. Different molecular weights

  About Heparins Manufacturer: Heparin is produced primarily by mast cells and basophils, and it's a mixture of 3,000 to 57,000.

  The low molecular weight heparin is below 7000.

  2. Different mechanisms of action

  Heparin therapy effect mechanism: mainly by antithrombin Ⅲ, also can carry on the combination, and platelets in patients with inhibition of thrombin formation on the surface of thrombocytopenia, inhibit platelet aggregation and release, inhibiting cell activation Ⅱ, Ⅸ, Ⅹ, Ⅺ and Ⅻ clotting factor and anticoagulation.

  Mechanism of action of low molecular weight heparin: the main factors affecting Xa activity on thrombin and other clotting factors, so as to maintain the antithrombotic effect of heparin and reduce the risk of bleeding.

  Make a difference

  Heparin is mainly produced by mast cells and basophils. Low molecular weight heparin is prepared by depolymerization of common heparin.

  4. Different pharmacology

  Pharmacology of heparin: 1. Anticoagulation: (1) Enhance the affinity between antithrombin 3 and thrombin, and accelerate the inactivation of thrombin; (2) inhibiting platelet adhesion and aggregation; (3) Enhance the activity of related protein C and stimulate the vascular endothelial cells to release anticoagulant substances and fibrinolytic substances. 2. Inhibits platelets, increases the permeability of blood vessel wall, and regulates angiogenesis. 3. It has the function of regulating blood fat. 4. It can act on several important links of the complement system to inhibit the over-use activation of the control system. At the same time, heparin also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

  Pharmacology of low molecular weight heparin: Factor Ⅹ and the activity of AN had little effect on thrombin and other coagulation factors.

  The above is the difference between Heparin and low molecular weight Heparin, want to know about Heparin sodium price, welcome to consult!