Affect heparin sodium potency factor introduction!

  Heparin sodium is a kind of natural anticoagulant which can contain a sulfuric acid group. Among the vascular additives, it is mainly used for blood anticoagulation. By effectively inhibiting the activity of thrombin, it achieves the function of preventing blood coagulation. For those who know, heparin is purchased and used according to its potency. So it is important to understand the factors that influence its potency, plus the high value of heparin itself, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

  Effect of dissolution reaction temperature on dissolution time and titer of heparin sodium

  The titer of heparin sodium increased firstly and then decreased with the increasing of ambient temperature, and the titer of heparin sodium reached a maximum at 40℃. If the temperature is too low, the dissolution time of crude heparin will be longer, resulting in the waste of production and management cost of enterprises. The temperature can not be too high, it will destroy the activity of heparin sodium, resulting in a sharp increase in the titer of heparin sodium. Considering the titer of heparin sodium and the cost of dissolution time, the optimal dissolution temperature was 40℃.

Affect heparin sodium potency factor introduction!

  Effect of salt concentration on the titer of heparin sodium

  Protein and heparin can be separated by proper concentration of salt solution, but too low concentration of salt can not completely separate the impurity protein and heparin, thus affecting the activity of heparin. When the concentration of sodium chloride reached 0.35mol/L, the titer of heparin sodium reached the highest value.

  Effect of thermal denaturation and time on the titer of heparin sodium

  With the extension of thermal denaturation time, the titer of heparin sodium increased at first and then decreased, which may be due to the gradual denaturation of impurity protein in the process of thermal denaturation. When the thermal denaturation time is too long, the structure of heparin will be destroyed at high temperature. The optimal time of thermal denaturation was 10min.

  Effect of hydrogen peroxide dosage on the titer of heparin sodium

  Excessive application of hydrogen peroxide with different dosage leads to the destruction of the molecular utilization structure of heparin sodium, which leads to partial inactivation of heparin sodium, and the yield price increases first and then decreases. Therefore, when the volume ratio of hydrogen peroxide to solution is 1%, it is the best amount of hydrogen peroxide.

  Heparins Manufacturer reminds you:

  Instead of using crude products, use refined heparin, which is powdered and white in color. Heparin sodium is dissolved in water and made into a solvent, which can be sprayed directly on the wall of blood collection tube to achieve anticoagulation effect. The conventional dosage is 1mL of blood and 20IU of heparin sodium is used. Excessive dosage cannot achieve the best anticoagulation effect. Solution storage method: Store at a low temperature of 0-4 degrees. Because heparin cannot be prepared after long-term storage, it should be prepared immediately, and the maximum storage period should not exceed 7 days. If you want to know about Heparin Sodium Price, please come to consult!