What does sodium of inject low molecule heparin need to notice?

  Low molecular weight heparin sodium is a new antithrombotic agent formed by decomposing Huaqiang of common heparin. Compared to heparin, it has higher bioavailability, stronger antithrombotic effect, less risk of bleeding, fewer adverse reactions and no need for testing. Clinically, it is mainly used for the treatment of unstable angina pectoris and non-Q wave myocardial infarction. Prevent surgery-related thrombosis.

  Low molecular weight heparin sodium is easy to cause pain, and the injection site will bring tension and fear to patients and their families, which will affect the absorption and treatment effect of the drug. Let's learn the injection notes together with Heparins Manufacturer.

What does sodium of inject low molecule heparin need to notice?

  1. Massage the skin for 2 minutes before operation to make the skin flush and accelerate the blood circulation at the injection site. Promote telangiectasia, promote drug absorption, reduce local drug concentration as soon as possible, reduce the incidence of subcutaneous bleeding. At the same time can increase the patient's comfort, relieve the patient's tension.

  2. Site selection: Subcutaneous injection of low molecular weight heparin sodium can be used for treatment by selecting the abdomen, the lower edge of upper arm deltoid muscle, and the abdomen as the preferred target site.

  3, generally do not exhaust before injection, one is to ensure the complete use of liquid medicine, accurate dose, ensure the efficacy, the second is to effectively reduce the deposition of the injection site. Injection, gently pat a small amount of air within the syringe to the top of the syringe, armed with a needle, rapid puncture, avoid excessive pressure, injection too deep, deep layer of fat is good, fixed needle at the same time, withdraw the blood, slowly injected liquid, finally the little push air needle, avoid liquid residue, in order to avoid to take out the solution, should press the piston. When the injection communicates effectively with the patient, the shift of attention can relieve the pain caused by a small amount of injection

  4, needle pulling: after injection stay for 10 seconds, vertical needle pulling. Pulling needle Angle should be the same as the original needle Angle, and the movement should be gentle, so as not to damage the capillary tissue.

  5, press: press for 5~10 minutes, press the pushing force for the skin does not sink or slightly sink, the depth is not more than 1cm is appropriate. Avoid injecting patients with abdominal belt, belt area.

  6. Observe the pain at the injection site after injection, and pay attention not to rub or apply hot compress.

  The above is the introduction of Heparin sodium injection attention, want to know Heparin sodium price welcome to consult and understand!