Notes on heparin products!

  Heparin from animal protective liver found such a development of anti-coagulation function of the substance, so the substance was named "heparin". Later, we found that heparin exists in many important organs of mammals. At present, heparin for medicinal use in China is mostly extracted from the mucosa of pig intestines and the lungs of pigs and cattle.

  Since the discovery of heparin, heparin has been widely used in the prevention and treatment of various thromboembolic diseases due to its advantages such as quick response, definite curative effect and reversible anticoagulation. Heparins Manufacturer cautions people to use their heparin products with caution.

  1. No matter what kind of anticoagulant is used, it may cause bleeding. Please pay attention to whether you have gingival bleeding, nosebleed, black defecation, etc., during the period of taking the medicine. If so, please inform the doctor in time:

Notes on heparin products!

  2. Although enoxaparin, nagchu heparin and dalteparin are low molecular weight heparin, they cannot be used for dose conversion due to their different chemical structure, cutting methods and anticoagulant activity, and should be used according to indications and evidence-based medicine evidence;

  3. If it belongs to the elderly, children, pregnant women, obese people and renal insufficiency, please use it with caution under the guidance of doctors or pharmacists;

  4. The development of heparin drugs cannot be intramuscular injection, and local hematoma is prone to occur. If you need us to take medication at home, please be sure to master the injection analysis technology by yourself.

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