Introduction to heparin sodium use matters needing attention?

  Heparins Manufacturer describes the main roles of heparin sodium:

  It is an anticoagulant. It has a certain influence on many important links in the process of coagulation system, and can prolong the coagulation time and prothrombin activity time. Heparin sodium has a rapidly developing anticoagulant effect both in vivo and in vitro. Heparin sodium mainly by acting on the formation of fibrous protein, also can cause platelet aggregation and thus reduce.

  Heparin sodium can be used for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic diseases, such as: myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, cerebrovascular embolism, peripheral venous use of thrombus, can prevent the formation and expansion of thrombus. It can also be used for the early stage of DIC and other anticoagulation in vivo and in vitro. The application of early education technology can effectively prevent the depletion of fibrinogen and coagulation factor. It can also be used as an in vitro anticoagulant in Chinese blood transfusion as a substitute for citrate or in extracorporeal study circulation.

Introduction to heparin sodium use matters needing attention?

  Heparin sodium matters needing attention

  1, people with bleeding and clotting delayed a variety of diseases, liver and kidney function is not complete, severe hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, acute infection of endocarditis (except artificial valve endocarditis caused), gastrointestinal tract drainage tube, abortion, active tuberculosis, stripped skin disease, ulcer after brain surgery, spinal surgery, this article allergy, etc., And pregnant women and parturients in the third trimester of pregnancy.

  2, carefully used in the production of ethanol poisoning, allergic patients, menstrual period, there are occupying progressive lesions, pregnant women and parturient women, etc..

  3. If bleeding is serious, protamine sulfate can be injected intravenously. It is advisable to inject 50 mg or less than 20 mg/min within 10 minutes (protamine sulfate 1 mg can neutralize 100U heparin sodium).

  4. Before taking the medicine, the platelet count should be done twice a week during the period, and the clotting time should be determined regularly. If the clotting time is BBB 0 for 30 minutes, it is excessive. Bleeding should be observed.

  5. A special method for subcutaneous injection of heparin sodium -- deep subcutaneous fat layer injection method: the injection site is the abdominal wall or the fat layer of iliac crest. Can avoid the general shallow subcutaneous injection easily caused by hematoma, pain, and short of action time defects. The exact dose is to use an empty tuberculin needle, replace the needle, then disinfect the skin (gently but do not press again to avoid subcutaneous bleeding), raise a piece of the abdominal wall at least 5 cm, exceed the white line of the abdomen without scar, fix the needle, and slowly push the drug (do not pull back the needle core to see the blood). After injection, pull out the needle quickly and gently press the pinhole for about 1 minute. Don't massage. So every time you change the injection site.

  6. Heparin sodium has a diuretic effect, which appears within 36-48 hours after the beginning of treatment and within 48 hours after the stop of treatment. We should pay attention to let patients drink more water, and record the intake and output.

  7. Smoking and drinking can affect the effect of using this product, and should be prohibited.

  Heparin sodium can inhibit the secretion of aldosterone and cause potassium retention. If used continuously for several days, blood potassium should be measured.

  9. Heparin sodium can cause an increase in the consumption of antithrombin Ⅲ in the blood, and it will begin to return to normal 24-48 hours after the withdrawal of this product. During this time, the likelihood of thrombus formation increases and should not be stopped abruptly. Generally, oral anticoagulants should be added 3-5 days before drug withdrawal for prevention, and gradually reduced until drug withdrawal.

  10, if there is an allergic reaction, should be timely through the withdrawal of medicine.

  11. There is a risk of bleeding related to trauma, so trauma should be avoided and intramuscular injection, urethral catheterization and other traumatic surgeries should be stopped.

  12. Effective price per mg shall not be less than 150U based on dry product.

  Excessive drug use may cause spontaneous bleeding, such as mucosal bleeding, joint hemorrhage, wound bleeding, etc.

  14, the following diseases should be banned: liver and kidney deficiency, ulcer, severe hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, pregnant women, threatened abortion, postoperative, hemophilia.

  These are the instructions Heparins Manufacturer has for Heparin Sodium. If you want to know about Heparin Sodium Price, come to consult with us!