The introduction of heparinoid

  Heparins Manufacturer describes heparin-like substances that are acidic and chemically similar to heparin in some degree and have anticoagulant activity.

  English name: Heparinoid, alias: sulfonate mucoglycan, heparin, hirudoid cream, hirudoid ointment.

  Indications: hirudoid ointment can effectively control inflammation, improve blood circulation to the affected area, absorb exudate, cure edema and edema. After the application of the drug, it can quickly eliminate the pain and oppression of the affected place, relieve swelling, absorb the exudate liquid, and promote the recovery of the body tissue.

  Heparin is one of the most widely used anticoagulant drugs at present, and has a good antithrombotic effect. Low molecular weight heparin and synthetic heparin are the most commonly used class of heparin drugs. However, heparin drugs can have side effects such as thrombocytopenia and bleeding. How to reduce the occurrence of side effects is an important direction of heparin drug research and development.

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