Notice of heparin sodium

  Heparin sodium is the sodium salt of glucan aminosulfate extracted from the intestinal mucosa of pigs or cattle. It is a sticky polysaccharide substance and has the effect of extending the blood coagulation time. Heparin sodium price can consult understanding

  1. Heparin sodium is contraindicated in patients with hemorrhagic and delayed coagulation, liver and kidney insufficiency, severe hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, endocarditis caused by acute infection, after brain surgery and spinal surgery, continuous gastrointestinal drainage tube, abortion, active tuberculosis, extirpative skin disease, ulcers and allergies to this product.

  2. It should be carefully used in alcoholism, allergy patients' constitution, menstruation, history of space occupying, pregnant mothers and pareras, etc.

  3. Due to the reasons of heparin metabolism, the longer the distance after heparin injection, the less protamine used to neutralize heparin.

  4. Before taking the medicine, take the platelet count. During taking the medicine, take the platelet count twice a week and measure the clotting time regularly. If the time of clotting is BBB 0 for 30 minutes, it means overdose. Look carefully for any bleeding.

  5, a special method of subcutaneous injection of this product a deep subcutaneous fat layer injection method: the injection site is the abdominal wall or the fat layer on the iliac crest. Can avoid the general shallow subcutaneous injection is easy to cause hematoma, pain, and the shortcoming of short effect time. Use tuberculin empty needle to pump accurate dose, replace injection needle, and then disinfect the skin (when disinfection should be light, not heavy press, so as not to subcutaneous bleeding), from the navel at least 5cm, and no scar outside the abdominal white line to lift a piece of abdominal wall, fixed needle, slowly push injection drugs (do not pull back needle core to see blood). After injection, pull out the needle quickly and press gently on the pinhole for about 1 minute. Massage is not allowed. Replace the injection site each time.

  6, this product has a diuretic effect, about 36-48 hours after the beginning of the treatment, until to 48 hours after the withdrawal of the drug, should pay attention to make patients need to drink more water, remember their access.

  7. Smoking and drinking will affect the effect of this product, so stop using it.

  8, if there is an allergic reaction, should be timely through the withdrawal of medicine.

  9, if there is a risk of trauma bleeding, should avoid trauma, and should be suspended at the same time intramuscular injection and catheterization and other harmful surgery.

  10, the following diseases need to be prohibited: liver and kidney insufficiency, ulcer disease, serious hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, pregnant women, threatened abortion, after surgery, hemophilia.