What contraindications do Heparin sodium use from time to time?

  Heparin sodium is a sodium glucosamine sulfate salt, which is a mixture of molecules with different molecular weights. The molecule has a linear chain structure consisting of six - or eight-sugar repeating units. Triester disaccharide sulfate is the main disaccharide unit of heparin. After complete hydrolysis, D-glucosamine, D-glucuronic acid, L-iduronic acid, acetic acid, and sulfuric acid are produced.

What contraindications do Heparin sodium use from time to time?

  1. forbidden to have hemorrhagic change nature and accompanied by blood clotting delay of various related diseases, liver and kidney function is not complete, severe hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage, acute bacterial endocarditis caused by (artificial valve endocarditis caused by outside), brain surgery and after spinal surgery, gastrointestinal tract, have continued to drainage tube, abortion, active tuberculosis, stripped sex skin disease, canker and stabler Allergic patients, as well as pregnant mothers and parturient women before 3 months of pregnancy.

  2. Alcohol poisoning, allergic constitution, menstruation, patients with space-occupying lesions, pregnant women and parturient women should be used with caution.

  3. If severe bleeding occurs, protamine sulfate can be injected intravenously for first aid. However, attention should be paid to: (1) the use of protamine overexpression, can have an anticoagulant effect, because the protamine by interfering with the influence of coagulation enzymes. ② Because of heparin metabolism, the longer the interval after heparin injection, the smaller the amount of protamine used to neutralize heparin.

  4. Before medication, take the platelet count. During medication, take the platelet count twice a week and determine the coagulation time regularly. Investigate for any bleeding.

  5. Heparin sodium for a subcutaneous injection with a special method of deep subcutaneous fat layer injection method: injection site for the abdominal wall or the fat layer on the iliac crest. Can avoid the general enterprise through the shallow subcutaneous injection easily hematoma, pain, and the effect of different short time defects. With tuberculin empty needle smoke dose, can replace an injection needle, and then use the disinfection treatment, the skin (to light disinfection, do not press, avoid visible subcutaneous bleeding), leaving the belly button for at least 5 cm, and the students are not a white line outside the abdominal scars brought us a piece of the abdominal wall, fixed need needles, slowly push drug injection (don't look back to drop needle core h.). After the injection, pull out the needle quickly and in time, gently press the pinhole for about 1 minute, and massage uncontrollably. So replace your injection site each time you work.

  6. Heparin sodium has a diuretic effect, should pay attention to make patients drink more water, remember the income and expenditure.

  7. Smoking and drinking can affect the effect of using this product and should be prohibited.

  8. Heparin sodium can prevent the excretion of aldosterone and cause potassium retention. If it is used for many days, blood potassium should be measured.

  If you have an allergic reaction, you should stop taking the medicine in time.

  10. If there is a risk of bleeding, oral injury should be avoided, and the injured surgery of the patient should be stopped together, such as intramuscular injection and urinary catheter, etc.

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