According to nuo liver element sodium pharmacological action and note items?

  Heparins Manufacturer describes its pharmacological effects

  Pharmacological effects of enoxaparin sodium: this drug is a preparation of low molecular weight heparin, which can make the ratio of anticoagulant factor ⅹ A to ⅱ A activity greater than 4, thus exerting strong antithrombotic function and certain thrombolysis effect. At the recommended dose, there was no significant change in overall coagulation function, platelet aggregation duration and fibrinogen binding. Although low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) is suitable for all heparin fragments with molecular weight less than 8000 Dalton, the effect of each fragment is still dependent on molecular weight. In vitro studies comparing this drug (molecular weight 4000 ~ 6000 Da) with unisolated heparin showed that the inhibiting effect of this drug on thrombin was approximately 5 times lower than that of unisolated heparin, based on their molecular weight. In vivo studies also showed that subcutaneous heparin activated partial thrombin time (APTT) significantly longer than subcutaneous heparin.

According to nuo liver element sodium pharmacological action and note items?

  Heparins Manufacturer describes the precautions

  1.(1) Liver dysfunction; (2) patients with uncontrolled hypertension; (3) People with a history of digestive ulcer. (4) Breast-feeding women.

  2. Enoxaparin sodium should not be mixed with other injections or intravenous fluids.

  3. When the patient is bedridden, the ideal injection site is the subcutaneous tissue in the middle of the anterior or dorsal abdominal wall. Do not push or pull the injection piston before injection to avoid inaccurate dose or hematoma at the injection site.

  4. Excessive injection may cause bleeding. It can be mixed with protamine. Efficacy of protamine 1mg and enoxaparin sodium 1mg on anticoagulant factor ⅱ A. High doses of protamine could not completely neutralize anticoagulant factor ⅹ A (up to 60%), but retained its antithrombotic effect.

  5. Enoxaparin sodium is not suitable for intramuscular injection. The use of enoxaparin sodium during intrathecal/epidural anesthesia can cause long-term or permanent spinal cord bleeding, and the indwelling of the epidural catheter after surgery increases the risk of bleeding. Patients should be carefully monitored to prevent crest and epidural hemorrhages, and any neurological disorders should be stopped immediately.

  6. As different low molecular weight heparin are not equal, different products should not be used in the same course of treatment.

  7. Enoxaparin should not be used for more than 24 hours after opening the bottle.